About Us

Villa Anthelion is not just another hotel. It is a cosy Bed & Breakfast, split into 11 charming rooms each offering a blend of luxury and tranquility. Experience the essence of relaxation and privacy, generously bestowed upon every guest.

The owner’s personal touch adorns each room at Villa Anthelion, with elegant furnishings and a palette of beautiful colors creating a unique ambiance. Discover the charm of botanical inspiration as each room is named after a natural herb, adding a touch of nature’s grace to your stay. Dominant feature of each room are the beautiful handmade signs with the description of each herb. In Villa Anthelion you travel in Greek nature. Despite their common points, each room has a different style, personality and aesthetics.

The colors are from Thassian nature, are very relaxing, which along with the green garden and the blue of the pool, are smoothly combined in harmony.

Villa Anthelion is just 50 meters away from Limenaria beach and is ready to welcome you!