Villa Anthelion is a cozy Bed & Breakfast, split into 11 charming rooms, each offering a blend of luxury and tranquility. Experience the essence of relaxation and privacy, generously bestowed upon every guest.

Stay with Us

Discover quaint charm of Villa Anthelion rooms
— where vintage elegance meets modern comfort,
creating a uniquely cozy and stylish retreat.

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Beyond a stay


Indulge in a delectable morning experience at our hotel as you savor the enticing offerings

Pool Bar

Sip, dip, and unwind at our chic pool bar – where cool drinks meet sun-soaked vibes

Boutique Shop

Eclectic charm meets vintage allure. Embrace unique treasures in our boutique sanctuary.

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Discover Thassos Island: Greece’s hidden gem, where azure waters meet lush landscapes.

Paradise awaits on this serene island retreat

Dive into Thassos adventures: hike ancient trails, bask on pristine beaches…

…savor local cuisine and embrace island life!